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Transport Payment Solutions (TPS) is a subsidiary of SecureID Limited – Africa’s industry leader in smartcard manufacturing and personalisation. TPS is a 100% Nigerian company and was recently awarded the concession deal to provide automated ticketing solutions on the Nigerian railway system by the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC).

TPS has in-house proficiency and technology to install access control turnstile e-gates at train stations, have Near-Field Communication (NFC) to enable transport cards manufactured by its parent company – SecureID, automated fare collection systems, and more. Nigerians commuting on the train routes can now enjoy a seamless experience; from booking train seats online via the TPS website and app, to making simple and convenient top-ups on their travelcards and accessing the train. 

TPS also recently joined OSPT Alliance, a member-driven association with nearly 100 companies worldwide, working to enable the future of mobility services across a variety of markets including transport, ticketing, access control and micro-payment. 

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Pride in Each Service

automated fare collection

Automated Fare Collection is an efficient way to procure fares whilst providing a simple and convenient payment option for customers. It also offers a greater level of transparency by protecting against ticket racketeering and abuse, as payments are collected and processed digitally rather than in cash. 

Automated Ticket Vending Machines

  • Customers can buy their tickets at the train stations, right before a trip 
  • Customers can collect pre-paid tickets 

SecureID Digital Wallet

  • Enables the accumulation of pre-loaded funds and aids customers in the purchasing of QR Code tickets 
  • Gives customers access to the digital card or Near-Field Communication mobile payment features